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Salamander Fitness & Gym - Gym Salamander Bay

Salamander Fitness & Gym is one of Salamander Bay's leading Gyms and our positive results and our focus on customer service that sets us apart from other 24 Hour Gyms in the Salamander Bay area.

No matter what your health & fitness goals are, Salamander Fitness & Gym Salamander Bay can help you reach your health & fitness goals. We specialise in the areas of fat and weight loss, amateur and elite level sports specific training and strength and tone development.

We will be able to develop a personal training program and provide you with all of the motivation & drive to help you achieve your goals all with a personable approach.

We provide results based services operating out of our Gym, so whenever you would like to work out we can accommodate.

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Salamander Fitness & Gym


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Salamander Fitness & Gym

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Salamander Fitness & Gym - Gym Salamander Bay NSW

Welcome to Salamander Fitness and Gym - where we can create a better you!

We are dedicated to creating health and fitness solutions to help you look good and feel great! Regardless of your age or fitness levels, our helpful staff will tailor a fitness plan to suit your needs.

We provide excellent facilities and a high level of service to make all your visits enjoyable.

We boast a wide variety of fun and effective Group Fitness Classes and really have something for everyone, from beginners to the advanced Gym Junkie.

Group fitness classes are designed for all levels of fitness. They can be as hard or as easy as you like. You decide. Class atmospheres are motivating, fun and our instructors encourage you to go that step further to achieve those results you're after, try one or maybe even a couple, but remember to always stay at your own fitness level...p.S. And smile!

We offer the following Group Fitness Classes:

  • Les Mills BodyPump - Works all the major muscle groups of the body, using adjustable weight loaded barbells to music and builds lean muscle mass, which in turn raises the body's metabolic rate, encouraging fat burning and developing muscle tone.

  • Beginning Yoga - Absolutely everyone can benefit from this class as it is the ultimate reward for the mind and body. Beginning Yoga is a fitness class which will loosen and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and flexibility, while also teaching you valuable relaxation techniques

  • Pilates - A total mind and body exercise for those wanting to realign, streamline and tone their bodies. Pilates can be beneficial in the management of spinal pain, joint restriction, sports and dance injuries as well as soft tissue injuries. Build inner core muscle strength and gain the benefits of posture, flexibility and balance.

  • Fitball - This class will challenge you to draw on extra muscles and develop new skills. Posture, core stability, balance, mobility and flexibility are the results that both young and old alike will gain from this class.

  • Flexibility & Mobility - To increase range of Motion & Flexibility. We all need to stretch more for better quality life. Suitable for all ages.

  • X-Trainer - Great for developing cardiovascular fitness and local muscular endurance. This class has all the moves with each instructor adding his or her special flavour to the class. Excellent aerobic and boxing components that melt fat.

  • Circuit - Circuit training involves both machine and body weight exercises, generally with high reps, low weights and short recoveries. You move from one station to the next so that by the end of the class you have worked every muscle group. Work at your own level and pace and then finish with a great abs workout and stretch.

  • Boxing Workout - Box your way to fitness with this beneficial workout. Develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance, while improving balance, speed, power and coordination. Don't miss out on this high intensity class which will have a low impact on your joints and a high impact with regard to weight loss.

  • Spinning - Cycling is well-known to be an effective way of toning legs, burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. Spinning allows this to happen in the safety of the gym. Take a 45 minute virtual ride over hills, along the flat, race your friends and leave the fat far behind.

  • Step Sculpt - A combination class that features a step workout to shape and tone legs & butts and then exercise with resistance bands and light weights to sculpt upper body.

    Other services we offer:

  • Unlimited gym visits and classes for members
  • Initial training program for all new members
  • Personal Trainers
  • Classes included in membership, no additional charges to participate
  • Free in initial exercise program
  • Fitness testing / assessment available
  • Fitness NSW registered instructors
  • Cert 3and Cert 4 trainers
  • Certified Pilates Instruction
  • Certified Mediball Instruction
  • Certified Heartmoves Instruction
  • Electronic Cardio Theatre
  • Pin and Plate load equipment gym
  • Mind and Body classes
  • Rockwear gym and streetwear
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Nutritional and dietary guidelines
  • Childminding
  • Massage
  • Open 7 Days
  • Unlimited Free Parking








    Salamander Fitness & Gym Salamander Bay - Gym Salamander Bay


    Salamander Fitness & Gym
    02 4981 0499
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    Servicing all of Salamander Bay & surrounding areas.

    Salamander Fitness & Gym
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    Gym Salamander Bay

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